WOD – August 12, 2014

Workout of the Day
A) Front Squat 4×3

B) EMOM for 10m:
3-7 Pushups
200 ft Shuttle Sprint (50-100-50)
*Score is your average split time over all 10 sets.

Extra Credit:
3 sets of 2-5 Pullups/Muscle-Ups at your most advanced level

Coaching Tips
-Increase weight each set of the front squats. If you’re feeling good, go for a new 1RM today!

-The B WOD is 10 sets on the minute. If any of your splits come in over 30 sec, your next shuttle sprint drops to 100 ft.

-If you can do 35 or more pushups unbroken, you should do 7 pushups for this workout. If 30+ UB, 6 pushups. If 25+ UB, 5 pushups. If 20+ UB, 4 pushups. If 15+ UB, 3 pushups. If you can do less than 15 pushups unbroken, you should scale your pushups to a box.

-Introducing the extra credit module… if you’re feeling good and have some time, tackle the extra credit to reap strength and skill gains even faster.

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