WOD – August 13, 2014

Workout of the Day
A) Pistol Progressions

B) 3 rounds for total reps of:
1 min ME Row for Calories, rest 30s
1 min ME Push Press @ 75/55, rest 30s
1 min ME Pistols, rest 30s
1 min ME DB Swings @ 55/35, rest 30s

Extra Credit: Accumulate 2 min in elbow plank

Coaching Tips
-The A WOD is all about working through the progressions to getting your first pistol (and beyond). For the B WOD, back off one progression from your most advanced to accumulate reps at the pistol station.

-Make sure to get a good hip hinge and snap the hips open for the swings. Using your shoulders here will burn you out for the push press.