WOD – August 20, 2014

Workout of the Day
A) Press 4×5

B) 5 rounds of:
AMRAP in 1m of:
7 C2B Pullups
ME Front Squats @ 135/95
Rest 1 min between rounds
*Score is total front squats completed over all 5 rounds.

Extra Credit: Hip Extensions… accumulate 30 reps

Coaching Tips
-For the press, be sure to squeeze your glutes and engage your abs to stay as tight as possible throughout each set.

-The B WOD is a series of five 1m AMRAPs, followed by 1m rest. Do the pullups first, then accumulate as many front squats as you can with the remainder of the minute.

-Scale the pullups so that you can do all 7 reps unbroken for each of the 5 sets. This should give you at least 40 seconds for the squats.

-Scale the front squats so that you don’t have to put the bar down once you pick it up.