WOD – August 27, 2014

Workout of the Day
A) Clean & Jerk 4×1

B) 5 rounds, for total burpees, of:
AMRAP in 1m of:
5 Front Squats @ 80-85% of WOD A Max
ME Burpees
*Rest 1 minute between rounds

Extra Credit: Hollow Body Hold… 4 rounds of 20s on/40s off

Coaching Tips
-If you’re proficient in the clean & jerk, go for a heavy single or new 1RM today. Otherwise, keep the weight moderate, and work on perfecting your pulls.

-The B WOD is a series of five 1-minute AMRAPs, separated by 1 minute of rest. This workout is only effective if you go HARD during the work periods. Finish the front squats, then give max effort to the burpees!