WOD – September 25, 2014

Workout of the Day
Start a running clock. At 0:00, do the A WOD. At 20:00, do the B WOD.

A) Max Effort Benchmark
Run 1 mile for time.

B) 4 rounds for weight and perfection:*
12 Unbroken Renegade Rows
12 Unbroken DB Swings
12 Unbroken Wall Balls
*Notes: The B WOD is not for time. You may increase or decrease the weight of each exercise from round to round, but you must do the entire 12 reps of each round unbroken and with perfect technique. Your score is the sum of the weights used in each exercise over all 4 rounds.

Coaching Tips
-The 1 mile run is a key benchmark for assessing fitness. It’s important that everyone attempt the mile, even if you have to walk a significant portion of it. This will give us a point of reference for your fitness gains.

-Select your weights wisely for the B WOD. If you break during the 12 reps, or your technique falters, your score for that round is zero.

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