WOD – October 23, 2014

Workout of the Day
A) Max Effort Benchmark
Run 800m for time

Rest 10 minutes, then…

B1) 12 minutes to complete:
Bench Press 5×5
Score = sum of the weight on the bar across all five sets. Any set with less than five reps gets a zero.

B2) 12 minutes to complete:
Pistol Progressions 5×6 (3L/3R)
Each progression is assigned a numeric value. More difficult progressions = higher value (see below).
Score = sum of values across all five sets. One missed rep in any set means a zero score for that set.

Pistol Progression Scoring
A) Lunge Step w/ Back Toe On Ground = 1 point
B) Lunge Step w/ Back Toe Off Ground = 2 points
C) Box-Assisted Pistol = 3 points
D) Post-Assisted Pistol On Low Box = 4 points
E) Post-Assisted Pistol w/o Box = 5 points
F) High Box Pistols = 6 points
G) Low Box Pistols = 7 points
H) Elevated Heel Pistol = 8 points
I) Counter-weighted Pistol = 9 points
J) Pistol = 10 points
K) Hands Behind Back Pistol = 15 points
L) Barbell Overhead Pistol = 50 points

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