Thursday, March 31, 2016

Workout of the Day

CrossFit Total
Back Squat 1RM, three attempts
Press 1RM, three attempts
Deadlift 1RM, three attempts

Your score for this workout is the sum of the max single lifts in each exercise.

Benchmark Your Strength

The CrossFit Total is our version of a powerlifting total (the difference being we use a standing press instead of a bench press. Oh yeah, and we don’t use these contraptions). It’s a fantastic opportunity to benchmark your limit strength – how much you can lift for a single repetition.

We’ll do a brief warmup of all lifts at the beginning of class. You’ll then have 15 minutes in each exercise to warmup to and make your 3 attempts. Your 1st attempt should be at a weight that you know with certainty you can make. Your 2nd attempt should be at a weight that you’re 90% certain you can make. The 3rd and final attempt should be at a weight that you hope you can make.

If you’re very new to lifting with barbells (less than 3 months), or your technique needs a lot of work, then you’ll do a 3RM instead of a 1RM. This is a good compromise between finding your limit strength, and allowing you more practice (i.e. more reps) under the bar with heavy weights.


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