Thursday, April 28, 2016

Workout of the Day

A) Split Jerk Doubles (week 4 of 5)
7 sets of 2 reps
Sets across – no increase between sets
Add 5-10# from last week

B) Barbell Rollouts
3 sets of 6-8 reps

A Warmup is a Warmup

What is a warmup? What is the point? Why do we bother?

We use warmups for specific purposes depending on what we’re doing. Today we need to warmup to our working weight for the Split Jerk. The working weight should be at a level that is challenging. The warmup weights should progress to the workout weight.

The warmup today allows us to work technique at lighter weights. It allows us to literally “warm up” our shoulders, hips, and ankles for the demanding work to come. It allows us to dial in our technique at progressively heavier weights.

Lately I’ve seen people jump straight from the empty barbell to 95# or 135#, even when their anticipated working weight is not much higher. Is this an appropriate warmup? No. I often think this happens because people like big bumpers, and they don’t like to figure out appropriate weights with the smaller change plates.

Let’s take an example. Today you’ll be allowed 10 minutes for a warmup, with a suggestion for sets of 4-3-2-1 (after the empty barbell). The last warmup single rep should be at your working weight for today. A hypothetical lifter is anticipating 135# for their working sets. What would be an appropriate warmup?

5 reps at 45# (empty barbell)
4 reps at 75#
3 reps at 100#
2 reps 120#
1 rep at 135#

We’ve just taken 15 warmup reps at increasing difficulty. The jumps between weights got progressively smaller. This lifter jumped 30# from 5 reps to 4, then 25# from 4 reps to 3, then 20#, then 15#. Jumps between weights should ALWAYS be the same or get smaller.

A warmup is a warmup; if you jump right to the heavy weights, you’re missing point. Ask if you’re not sure. Don’t rush to put on the big plates. They’ll still be there when you get to your working weight.

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