Thursday, May 26, 2016

*** REMINDER: We are open regular hours on Saturday, and closed on Monday for Memorial Day and the Bolder Boulder. If you’re not participating in the BB, come on down to cheer on your fellow BeatBoxxers! ***

Workout of the Day

9 rounds for time of:
15 Abmat Situps
11 Pushups
7 Back Squats @ 135/95#
*time cap = 25 min

Virtuosity in the Pushup

Check out the video below, and notice how his body remains COMPLETELY rigid. No sagging back. Further, his head and neck stay completely neutral, without craning forward. Last – his elbows track in and back, rather than flared out to the sides.

Pushups have fairly simple mechanics; there’s not a lot of complicated things going on. But that doesn’t make them easy. Doing pushups like the model in the video is HARD to maintain. If you’re capable of doing full pushups, does that mean you should do a few perfect reps, and then let it devolve into the sagging back + half range of motion + flared elbow flop pushup? No. So what should you do? Two options come to mind.

First, you can SLOW DOWN and take breaks between reps to make sure you get full range of motion with a perfect pushup. This might mean single reps, and that’s ok. I would much rather you go slow than turn in a crappy pushup.

Second, you could break up the reps so you’re doing some of them every round with full pushups, and finishing the round with snake pushups (knee pushup + plank). This allows you to practice the mechanics of a perfect pushup every time. Box pushups are also a great alternative.

Be honest with yourself. It does no good to continue practicing pushups with poor form – you’ll simply never improve. So take a step back, leave your ego at the door, and let’s turn the plain ‘ol pushup into a virtuous movement!

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