Saturday, June 25, 2016

Workout of the Day

A) For time:
50 Pushups -OR- 30 Handstand Pushups
*time cap = 4 min
**compare to 1/20/16

B) For time:
3-6-9-12 Deadlifts @ 225/155#
6-12-18-24 Calories Rowing
*time cap = 11 min
**compare to 1/20/16

Intensity Over Volume

To paraphrase Greg Glassman, be more impressed by intensity than volume. High intensity is integral to CrossFit – in fact, those words are in the official definition. Your application of intensity to a workout is what will drive your results.

The part B workout today is intended to be fast and high intensity. Scale the weight on the bar so that all deadlifts are unbroken, and so that you can move directly from bar to rower without resting. Go for max intensity today. Push yourself to see what you’re capable of.

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