Wednesday, June 29, 2016

*** REMINDER: Come in for Murph at 9am on July 4th, and follow it up with food and friends. ***

Workout of the Day

A) Squat Snatch Doubles
Week 3 of 5
10 sets of 2 reps on the 2:00 interval
*add weight every set until you hit your technical limit

B) GHD Situps
2 sets of 10-15 reps

Elite Weightlifter Liao Hui Snatch Analysis

Check out this cool slow-mo video of Liao Hui (China) performing a snatch at two different weights (155 kg and 166 kg) in one competition. If you jump ahead to 1:08 in the video, you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the two lifts. If you jump ahead again to 1:43, you’ll see the two lifts overlaid on each other. These different perspectives allow you to see what changes as the weights get heavier – for even the best lifters in the world.

Things to watch for:

  1. Hips low at the start
  2. In the 1st pull (ground to knees), the moves his knees back while his shoulders stay in front of the bar. This gives him leverage to start his 2nd pull (the final upward explosion).
  3. The bar scoops back toward his hips after it passes his knees.
  4. He pulls himself down underneath the bar and catches it with locked elbows.

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