Monday, August 29, 2016

Workout of the Day

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Push Jerks @ 115/80#
Box Jumps @ 24/20″
*time cap = 15 min
*compare to 2/24/16

Variations on a Burpee

The style of burpee that we teach in class is a rebounding burpee. It’s the fastest way to knock out a set of burpees, but it’s also the fastest way to fatigue and burnout. The video below shows this style of burpee in super slow-mo – it’s cool to see it broken down so much!

This article breaks down the different varieties of burpee, including the “Two Steps Back, Two Steps Forward” style and the “Drop Down, Knees Up” style. Elite CrossFit athletes have used all of these styles to win burpee-dominant workouts.

So which style is the best? It really depends on the workout and your own strengths. I prefer the fast, rebounding style of burpee, even if my recovery between reps is longer. Other people may prefer a slower burpee at a steady pace. All styles can be effective as long as the overall cycle time is consistent.

Which style do you prefer?


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