Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Workout of the Day

8 rounds for total time of:
Run 400m
*rest 2:00 between rounds.

*Score 1 = time to complete your first 400m
*Score 2 = total time to completion

400m Repeats

CrossFit is a comprehensive GPP (general physical preparedness) program, which means it’s not all strength and gymnastics. Sometimes the training calls for long, lightweight, high rep exercises. We call these exercises monostructural, meaning they have the same repeated pattern over and over – e.g. running, rowing, biking, swimming, double-unders, etc.

Today we’ll be running 400m repeats with a 2:00 rest between rounds. This is a great way to build both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. For distance runners, the 400m repeat serves as a strength and speed workout. It’s versatility allows us to build volume and capacity in preparation for our upcoming 5k run (or row) on October 14 (let’s see who reads the blog and brings this up :)).

Here’s a great article on the power of 400m repeats:

This workout benefits a wide range of runners from weekend warriors hoping to improve their 5K time to serious marathoners looking to lop minutes off their personal best.

On paper, a session of 8 x 400-meter repeats gives the illusion of an easy workout; but executed properly, these one-lappers can be a real doozy.

The workout, made popular by former marathon world-record holder Rob De Castella of Australia, is as simple as it sounds: eight, one-lap repeats of the track…

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