Bolder Boulder 10k

The Bolder Boulder 10k being held Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day). Meet up details are at the bottom of this post.

Our 2nd annual gym foray to the Bolder Boulder, this is a super fun event. Last year we all started together in a group, and then met together at the end in Folsom Field. For the run portion, we had people pushing a PR time, and other people that walked it. There are bands playing live music, sprinklers and slip-n-slides, and 10’s of thousands of spectators.

You will need to register on your own for the Bolder Boulder 10k.

IMPORTANT: to be sure that we all get in the same start wave, you need to do the following when you register:

  • Under Runner Type, select “Jogging pace is 14:30 or less”
  • Under “Start in the same wave as someone?” be sure to write in “Adam Knickelbein”.
  • Once you get your and your friends/family registered, please shoot an email to so we can keep track of who is participating.

We’re really looking forward to both events, and we hope you are too! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Meet Up Details

If you registered according to instructions above, your Wave Start Time will be somewhere around 8:42am. Traffic will be a nightmare, so let’s meet at the gym and take the bus. Bus service picks up at the corner of Baseline and Foothills, and it runs every 5 minutes from 5:55am to 8:30am.

  • Where: meet at the gym, we’ll walk to the bus stop
  • When: meet at 7:45am, we’ll walk to bus stop at 8:00am
  • Cost: bus fare is $5.20 round trip – bring cash!
  • Race Start: we’ll all start in the same wave – then run at your own pace
  • Race End: meet up in Section 210 of Folsom Field – this should be in the shade 🙂
  • Back to Gym: take the bus again from Gate 6 – BB53 – South Local

Can’t wait!

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