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Why Alpine Fit?

Thanks to the science of epigenetics we now know that your genes are expressed based on how you treat them. What this means is that what you put it into your body (food, thoughts, supplements, toxic chemicals, etc) all have a tremendous effect on your genes and, as a result, your health. Each choice you make accumulates and over time reveals which genes get turned on or off and ultimately what symptoms and/or diseases are developed.

At Alpine Fit you will learn what your constitution is and the diseases to which you are most prone. Then, you will learn how to eat, exercise, and care for you body to prevent disease and optimize your health in a highly personalized way. Finally, you will learn how to fully integrate these changes into your life in a practical, doable and profoundly life-changing way.

At Alpine Fit our fresh views are pioneering what it means to be healthy. We believe that health is not merely the absence of disease or simply care in the time of crisis. Health is the total state of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. While Western Medicine excels at Crisis Care (trauma, acute injury, and heart attack) it is poor at preventing and treating chronic diseases or diseases due to poor diet and lifestyle (diabetes, autoimmune disorders, heart disease).

Alpine Fit is passionate about every person discovering their best health through lifestyle medicine, personalized diet, exercise, and key supplementation to decrease the risk of disease and increase quality of life, energy, and youthfulness.

Theresa R.

I loved working with Dr. Kyle! She is very professional and loving. She truly wants to help her patient’s and her dedication to her patients’ well being and overall health is inspiring and appreciated. Dr. Kyle is very kind and understanding, yet lays it on the line for what needs to get done for success in recovery.

Theresa R.

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