About Us

CROSSFIT BEAT – Fitness Amplified

At CrossFit Beat, we believe physical fitness is fundamental to a life filled with health and happiness. We believe fitness is attainable for everyone, regardless of size, shape, gender, age, or background. At the Beat, we apply CrossFit’s key principles with equal measures of safety and effectiveness to everyone – including grandparents, the disabled, competitive athletes, new parents, and those returning to physical activity after years of inactivity.

As a CrossFit affiliate, we teach people how to move efficiently and effectively so they can achieve a sustainable fitness. We focus on a quality of movement that transfers seamlessly to real-life activities, whether that’s competing in other athletic endeavors, hiking a 14er, roughhousing with your kids, standing up from the couch without pain, or kicking ass on the dance floor.

Contact Adam to set up your first free class. We’d love to jam with you!

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