Can CrossFit prepare me for ski season?

CrossFit is a potent exercise program that can help you gain strength, power, speed, endurance, and stamina. Not only can it help you prepare for the ski season; it can make you a better athlete overall. Skiing and snowboarding require attention, focus, and fitness. Bombing downhill is a leg burn. You’re turning, twisting, jumping, speeding,… Read More

Meal prep 101

What is meal prep? If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to find time and energy during the week to make healthy, filling meals, meal prep might be for you. It’s exactly what it sounds like: you plan and prepare your [healthy] meals ahead of time (usually for a week at a time). It can save… Read More

The truth about weight loss

Weight loss is a giant industry in the United States, with tons of companies trying to sell the quickest and easiest solution. “How to lose weight fast” is such a commonly-searched internet query, there’s even a WikiHow article about it. Americans’ seeming desire to lose weight quickly highlights a real problem: sacrificing long-term health for… Read More

Member post: My struggle with body image

My body image has always haunted me. My personal narrative and the words I’ve told myself are not kind. It’s important to note that I would never think the things I have said to myself about another woman. I look at other women, all varieties of women, and think they (we) are beautiful. All my… Read More