Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness

Investing in your employees' health is an investment in your company's future. Our expert coaching and fun approach to wellness will incentivize your workforce and help you build up your team.

Why corporate wellness?

Productivity is at the core of every smart business, and wellness programs work in a variety of ways to positively influence your team: 

  • Build and sustain employee morale
  • Incentivize your employees
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower health costs

Wellness programs can inspire change and build camaraderie for your team. What are you waiting for?

How it works:

You choose the location

Whether you're looking to work out at your business, or you'd like to go offsite, we can accommodate your needs. We're happy to meet you where you'd like to be.

We'll run the workout

Our priority is creating a fun, safe environment for your employees, with a strong focus on team-building. We'll use exercises that are scalable for every level of fitness and are sure to get your team working up a sweat. Our 45 minute workouts include a warmup, workout and cooldown.

Your team will thank you

Our workouts are designed with your team in mind. Sessions include warm up games and partner-style workouts. Your employees will get a great workout, and they'll have a ton of fun with their coworkers.

"CrossFit Beat came to our location twice weekly with varied and challenging workouts. The best part was the ability to tailor the fitness exercises to the needs of the individual; we had some folks healing from injuries as well as a wide variety of fitness levels, and everyone was able to receive input and challenge themselves. Morale, health and wellness were all improved by allowing CrossFit Beat to offer onsite fitness sessions."
RealD testimonial for corporate wellness program
Jada Finney

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45-min Session
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4-Session pkg
45-min Session
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12-Session pkg
45-min Session
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Invest in your employees, invest in your business.