Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

Greg grew up in Southern California where he spent much of his time surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking.  Through college he worked with elementary age children teaching physical education and other outdoor activities.  He moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA in 2010 and to Colorado in 2014 to chase his passion for adventure sports and take his snowboarding to the next level.  He quickly fell in love with the mountains and all it has to offer.

Greg found CrossFit in 2009 when a good friend of his started a gym.  He found a love for CrossFit as a way to improve his physical fitness and performance for outdoor sports.  He received his Level 1 certification in 2016 and built his foundation and skills over the last 7 years through various CrossFit coaches and athletes around the nation, personal trainers, and gymnastic coaching. After battling several shoulder, hip, and knee injuries, he used CrossFit as a way to build strength while rehabilitating and restoring mobility for his active lifestyle.

He has always had a passion for physical fitness and spends most of his free time mountain biking, backpacking, backcountry snowboarding, climbing, or doing anything else outdoors. 

Besides coaching CrossFit, Greg currently runs an accounting and consulting business and is pursuing certifications in Wilderness Emergency Medical Services and search and rescue.  He also has his Wilderness First Responder and Avalanche I certifications

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Words that Best Describe Me: Adrenaline Junkie

Personal Philosophy: Don’t Wish For It, Work For It

Favorite QuoteLife is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans – John Lennon

Favorite Athletic Activities: CrossFit, snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking

Favorite Girl WOD: Helen

Personal CrossFit Goals for 2016: Deadlift 400 lbs, Bench 225 lbs, 10 Unbroken Muscle Ups, 20 ft. handstand walk, get knee into healthy shape for squats!

Why I Coach CrossFit: I love to see people accomplish their goals, constantly get stronger, and learn something new every day.  I believe that everyone should use their body to their full potential and live a long healthy life.

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