Our Team

Adam Knickelbein
Owner, Head Coach

Adam is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, with extensive experience coaching people from all abilities. He oversees all aspects of programming and coaches group classes. Read more about Adam.

Claire MulhollandClaire Mulholland, personal trainer and coach

Claire is a full-time coach, and passionate about proper nutrition and working with people from all fitness backgrounds. Read more about Claire.

Leith Huddleston

Leith is a part-time coachClaire is a full-time coach, and is passionate about working with all kinds of athletes to achieve their goals. Read more about Leith.

Matt WatwoodMatt, Crossfit Beat coach

Matt is a part-time coach, and views health and fitness as an all-encompassing practice, starting with what you eat all the way through to how you choose to move. Read more about Matt.

Chad LeathermanChad Leatherman, owner and administrator
Owner, Administrator

Chad is CrossFit Beat’s co-founder and administrator. He manages behind-the-scenes business operations and helps ensure a professionally-run gym. Read more about Chad.