Our Team

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Adam Knickelbein
Owner, Director, Head Coach

Adam has always known that he wanted to pursue a career in health and fitness, he just didn’t know how to do it. He played basketball and soccer in high school and, after graduation, he attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. His days there were filled with…   more on Adam…

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Chad Leatherman
Owner, Administrator

Sports have always been a focus in Chad’s life. Growing up he played football and basketball. After high school…  more on Chad…


Jaron Pearson

Coach Jaron Pearson started CrossFit in 2013, when well-known CrossFitter, Kevin Ogar, introduced Jaron to the sport. Initially, like most everyone who signs up at an affiliate, Jaron was looking to lose weight and tone up; not only did he lose weight, he got into the best shape of his life…  more on Jaron…


Greg Wilson

Greg grew up in Southern California where he spent much of his time surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking.  Through college he worked with elementary age children teaching physical education and other outdoor activities.  He moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA in 2010 and to Colorado in 2014 to chase his passion for adventure sport…  more on Greg…