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About CrossFit:

CrossFit is health through fitness. Our goal is pain-free full range of motion and building skills for life. When done safely and consistently, exercise can positively impact all areas of health and wellbeing.

Workouts (WODs) are varied day-to-day, incorporating functional movements that build endurance, strength and flexibility. Every workout is modified to your comfort level and ability. Skills learned in class help increase fitness and prevent injury in everyday life and other athletic pursuits.

Class Schedule:

M-W-F: 6a | 9a | 12p | 5p | 6p
Tu/Th: 6a | 12p | 5p | 6p
Sat: 9a | 10a

CrossFit Beat, Adam Knickelbein, and the entire crew at the gym are exceptional. If you attend this gym for personal training or group classes, you will get stronger, you will get more flexible, you will gain confidence, you will learn new skills and movements, and you will feel more energetic!
Michael Bains

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