Our Philosophy

“Crossfit Beat is great! They taught me the skills I need, and put up great workouts of the day. I was worried that Crossfit in general wasn’t my sport, but Crossfit Beat turned that thought right around for me, and I love it!
Claire M

So, uh, what do you guys do?

CrossFit Beat exists to help you overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

Umm, that’s cool and all, but it’s super vague. What exactly does that look like?

Our vision is a community united by a passion for life and the pursuit of what’s possible.

OK, so you want to help me overcome obstacles, and you think a passionate community of people can help me get there. But I’m still not sure how you’ll do it. Can you be more specific, please?

Our mission is to inspire and guide you so that you can do things with your body that you didn’t know were possible.

That’s better – but I think a little more discussion would help.

Heavy squats make for strong people!
Heavy squats make for strong people!


CrossFit Beat was founded with the intention of helping people overcome their own perceived limitations to health and fitness.  Physical fitness is absolutely essential to holistic well-being. And reaching a better fitness is achievable by EVERYONE – regardless of your current physical state.

Better fitness means standing up from the couch without pain.

Better fitness means having the flexibility to touch your toes.

Better fitness means having the strength to move boulders around your yard for that landscaping project.

Better fitness means having the stamina to haul ten bags of groceries up three flights of stairs at your apartment.

Better fitness means having the endurance to hike one of Colorado’s beautiful 14er’s, and then wrestle with your kids until THEY get tired.

Better fitness means better self-esteem, a more positive outlook, and a healthier, happier life.

I have a problem with low self-esteem, which is ridiculous when you consider how awesome I am.


The most well-known aspect of CrossFit is the exercise, yet it’s so much more than just an exercise program. Read More…


There are several good CrossFit gyms in Boulder, but CrossFit Beat is the best (ok, we may be a little biased). But really, what makes us different?

  • Our philosophy. We exist to help you overcome the seemingly impossible. If you have questions about this, scroll up.
  • Location. All other Boulder CrossFit gyms are clustered together in the north central part of town. We are THE gym for South and East Boulder.
  • Small class sizes. We cap classes at eight people. We find this to be a perfect compromise between providing individualized attention and maximizing the social synergy. No other CrossFit gym in Boulder has a cap this low.
  • Emphasis on quality movement. We prioritize movement excellence. We will never ask you to do an exercise without first demonstrating and drilling it.
  • The Music! Adam and Chad chose the name to reflect our history of friendship, of which music was always a central part. Our Beats are always top notch.
If you live in South or East Boulder, we're a no-brainer for you.
If you live in South or East Boulder, we’re a no-brainer for you.
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